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Related article: Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 11:51:56 +1100 From: Rob Newell Subject: AFL Men 11The locker room was noisy. Nothing unusual with that- after all Adelaide had completed a midweek training session at the beach. But what was unusual was that they went back to the locker room at AAMI stadium.After all the usual bullshit saying how they went at the swim and all that stuff, the players made their way to either the locker room or the gym- most simply wanted to go home and relax but not all. Mark Ricciutto wanted to bulk up so he started behind and lifted some weights.He did a whole normal gym routine and was shocked to discover, when he finally took a place, that it was 2:30 in the afternoon.Heading into the locker rooms, Roo was shocked to discover that someone else was there, apparently looking for something."Rhett! What are you doing here? I thought everyone left ages ago after the swim.""Yeah they did" Rhett began, "but I was looking for something. I thought I had it with me, but when I got home it became apparent that I must have left it here. What are you doing here, oh captain my captain?""Working out" Mark replied with a laugh to Rhett's statement. "I thought it wouldn't hurt to do another routine today, but I am surprised how late it is. What is it that you are looking for by the way?" "Would you believe that I left my Speedos behind? I know its lame, but I have had them since practically forever and I don't want to buy a new one.""I can understand that" Mark said while taking his shirt off. "You doing anything after you find your Speedos?""No, well not that I can think of. Why" Rhett replied as he continued looking around for a pair of red Speedos."I was just wondering if you wanted to come back to my place for a beer" This time, Mark was had taken his shorts off and was only in blue Speedos."Sure. Only if I could find my damn Speedos." Rhett said while bending over to check underneath a bench- while Roo cautiously checked out his arse.'Not Preteen Models Photos bad' Roo thought to himself. 'Might fine arse.'"Ah, here they are" Rhett said as he stood up with a red Speedo in his hand. Looking closer, Roo could swear he saw something white on them- could it be cum stains?"Well, since you find them we can have that beer then" Roo said hoping into new shorts and a tee."Aren't you going to have a shower here Roo?""Nah mate, I'll have one back at the house. If that's ok with you- me being absent for about ten minutes.""That's fine by me."The two teammates then grabbed their stuff and got into their retrospective cars. Roo lead the way in his red Monaro as Rhett followed behind. *******************Handing Rhett a beer, Mark mentioned to him "Take it easy and relax. I shouldn't be any longer then ten minutes" as he went into the shower.While Mark was in the shower, Rhett slowly drunk his beer. He had always admired Roo as a player and he seemed to live the good life- Preteen Models Photos owning his own house, driving a Monaro!!!- something he aspired to. Hell, he still lived in an apartment though he wouldn't have it any other way.He got up and walked around, the place was massive and Roo had his own plasma television! How cool is that Rhett wondered. 'I wonder what my porn videos would look like on it' he also thought.Just then Roo walked back into the room, still dripping wet, wrapped only in a towel around his waist."You like my place Rhett?""Bloody oath mate I do. I mean you have a Monaro- who wouldn't want that hey? And the plasma TV- I'm so jealous of you right now.""Well, although I try not to think of myself as materialistic, it's just some things which I wanted. I have the money so why not? You have to enjoy life somehow.""Very good point mate.""Excuse me for a moment Rhett" Roo said as he stepped into his bedroom for a moment. He then came back out again in a pair of blue briefs."Hope you don't mind me being in my jocks- it's just that it's so hot out there""No its fine Roo. It's your place after all- you can do whatever you want. I'm only a guest""Yeah but if you're hot mate, you can strip off. We're blokes- you haven't got anything that I haven't seen before."Rhett agreed and soon stripped off to a pair of black Speedos."You must love them mate." Roo said as he went to get some more beers."Hey, what you mean?" Rhett replied as he grabbed another beer of Roo and they sat on the couch next to each other."Speedos mate. I'm no expert, but it seems to me that you love wearing them. It's like you have a fetish, if you will."Rhett chocked on his beer at the mention of a fetish and Preteen Models Photos found some of it spilled on his chest."Shit, bugger, fuck" He mumbled. "Do you have a towel that I can wipe myself with mate?""No need Rhett. Use my tongue!" Roo replied and leaned over and licked the beer of Rhett's hot chest and nipplesMoaning with the feeling of a hot tongue on his chest, Rhett soon realised what was happening and pushed his captain off him."What are you doing mate? What about your wife- I thought you were straight?""Straight, gay, bi, bendy- what difference does it make? Its sex- we all love having sex don't we Rhett?" Roo asked with a smile.Rhett didn't know what to do. His captain just licked his chest. Yes, he liked it... well he actually loved it!!! But what happens now? Does he try to get it on with his mate? Is his mate gay? Should he try to fuck Mark up the arse- isn't that what gay guys do?'Damn' he thought- ' Where's Shane Crawford when you need him?'"I can't do this Roo" Rhett said, pushing Mark off him, standing up and trying to find his pants."Your cock tells a different story Rhett" Mark replied slyly."But I can't, mate" Pants being pulled on, Rhett looked for his shirt. "I'm not gay- I'm not Shane Crawford.""True. You do what you feel comfortable mate."Rhett just stood there; his shirt in his hand. He liked what Roo did to him, it made him feel so hot. But it was a guy that was doing it- he had never been with a guy. He didn't know what to do except fall back onto the couch.They just sat there, looking at each other."Kiss me Roo" Rhett said all of a sudden.Roo leaned in and gently kissed Rhett on the lips. As they kissed, Rhett decided it wasn't that bad and he opened his lips and let Mark's tongue in. As they French kissed, Rhett pulled Mark into him as Roo gently felt his cock through his pants."MMMMMMMMMM" Rhett moaned enjoying the kissing, the feelings that his captain was making him feel.Roo then start licking lower, licking Rhett's neck and biting the skin, causing Rhett to moan wild with pleasure. He licked lower as he removed the pants and found himself staring at a bulge in Speedos."Are you sure you want this Rhett?" Roo asked huskily, eyes staring at each other.Rhett just nodded as Roo licked the bulge, causing so much pleasure as the Speedos were covered with saliva. After a while, Roo lowered the Speedos to reveal a 6.5" uncut power tower. Roo just looked at it for a moment before lowering his mouth onto the tip of the cock and licked it, knowing this would make Rhett happy.He was right because Rhett moaned so loudly, the loudest he had ever moaned. He thought he would blow right there, the pleasure was just too much. As Ro started going up and down all the way on his cock, he decided he wanted to be fucked."Fuck me Mark, I want to feel your cock in me" Rhett said.Mark just looked up- he loved popping cherries and he couldn't wait to pop his mates. He stood up and took his Speedos off."Lay on the floor" Mark said and Rhett did as he was told and laid on his back. Mark got down on his knees and shoved his tongue up Rhett's hot hole- he wanted him to get ready for the best time of his life. He could tell that Rhett loved it- he was moaning like some of the sluts that Roo had fucked in his time.Just then Mark got up and put his cock at the entrance to Rhett."Ready mate? Want it all at once or an inch at the time?""All at once" Rhett replied, eagerly awaiting his first fuck.Mark then forced his cock in and Rhett moaned in pain- it hurt so much yet it felt so good.Getting used to it, Rhett nodded and Roo took half of his cock out. He then shoved it back in causing Rhett to moan. Soon he took all of his cock out- leaving the tip in- and teased Rhett with the thought of a hard, dirty fuck."You want it hard? You want me to fuck you so hard that the best time was your first time?" Mark teased.Rhett simply nodded with a smile of pleasure."You get it Rhett" Roo said and he shoved his cock in the hot hole. He then started going in faster and faster- god the hole was so tight, so hot!He then leaned in and passionately kissed Rhett as he shoved his cock in, out, then in again and kept repeating the process for the next 15 minutes.All of a sudden, he could feel Rhett's arse tighten around his cock."Fuck I'm cumming!!!" Rhett moaned and Roo leaned in and kissed him, as the cum flew out of Rhett's cock and soaked the both of them.Going faster and faster, still kissing Rhett, Roo couldn't take it any longer and shoved his cock in the hot hole as far as he could as he shot his load in his mate.Collapsing from the hot fuck, the two gently kissed and soon found themselves lying next to each other, on the carpet, breathing heavily from the passionate sex and mind shattering orgasm."What did you think Rhett?" Roo asked with a smile."We have to fuck again" Rhett replied leaning in for another kiss.
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